Here’s what our students have to say about attending  Daniel C. Oakes High School

"Thank you, D.C. Oakes support center for convincing me that I am an amazing human being capable of great things. "

"D.C. Oakes transforms people to become the best versions of themselves."

"Oakes is not a place for delinquents but a place for people who need to get their life sorted, surrounded in a place for people who are sorting out their lives."

"Please be aware and conscious of the people around you because everyone has their own story and it may not be the one you made up in your head."

"I never thought I would actually be here with a proper diploma. I always thought I would get my G.E.D. or something, but when my counselor told me about this school I wasn't really sure about it. When my mom and I came here I knew it was the place for me. I want to thank my mom for giving this place a chance."

"Growing up I never thought I fit in too much. But coming to Oakes was phenomenal. It was like putting a Band-Aid or flex heal on an open wound. And it was healing being here for the last year of my high school career. All the connections I made, made me a better person and I want to thank the staff and students for giving me the opportunity to be here and have fun with all of and you learn from you."

"When I first heard about Oakes, I was hesitant at first. I didn’t think I was going to want to get in. I was hanging around the worst people I could. Getting bad grades, getting tardies, and not going to school and I didn’t want to go to school. But I thought more about Oakes, and I decided to apply and I got in. Ever since that first day, my life’s changed in the best way possible. I was getting good grades, showing up to class, and I was happy – that’s what’s most important. I actually looked forward to going to school and I was happy to learn and hear what the teachers were saying."

"Teachers and staff actually believed in me. You guys supported me and helped me out so much. It really impacted me so, so positively. You only want us to succeed, you taught me so much and not just school stuff but so much about life, too. I appreciate and value all of you so much."

"I want to thank the students and staff for opening the doors to me and showing me kindness and giving me the opportunity to find my career and something that I want to do for the rest of my life."

"My theater family gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams of acting and gave me a positive first and last high school theater production."
"Many people have a wrong perception of alternative schools and specifically Oakes. They think that all the students who come here are druggies and dropouts, but I personally have never done drugs, drank, or vaped. Before I was a straight A student, but I still needed this place as much as my peers."

"I left my old high school thinking I would have to drop out and get my G.E.D. My mom introduced me to Oakes at the beginning of my junior year at Rock Canyon. At first, I hated the idea, but clearly, I warmed up to it. She gave me some information about it and it took me a while but I decided to come here. It was the best decision I have ever made."

"When I first entered this school I was afraid. I was a miserable girl with low self-esteem and a paranoid mindset. I can’t begin to describe the girl I have become during my time at Oakes. So many amazing people who shaped me lifted me up and showed me that there is in fact kindness in the world when it feels like no hope is left. I have experienced more generosity and humanity here than in my three years in my previous high school."

"The teachers I have met here are everything I ever needed in a mentor and so much more."

"Thank you for the best nine months of my high school career."