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Daniel C. Oakes High School is an alternative option and school of choice for students to earn their High School Diploma. Our school offers smaller class sizes, personal connection with peers and staff, and we pride ourselves on a sense of community and family.

Students are not assigned to attend our school, rather, they choose to apply and interview, and our Principal and Dean offer enrollment to students they feel would find success at Daniel C. Oakes. The school enrolls new students from our applicant pool each quarter (July, October, January, April). 

If you, or your student, has struggled with education in a traditional high school setting, please consider calling the school for more information, or applying online.

Daniel C. Oakes High School

Principal:  Derek Fleshman

Dean: Brian Wood

Admin. Assistant: Emily Hopkins

Registrar: Vicki O'Neill

Counselor: Laura Matyszewski

Psychologist: Kim Frederics

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May 2022 Graduation will take place on May 26th at 9:00AM. Please call the school for more information. Live streaming available here.

The DCSD GED Testing Center has moved! You can find more information about the GED by visiting the DC Student Assistance website.

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Need to order transcripts? Please click HERE to visit Student Data and Information Services, or call 720-433-0095.


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