D.C. Oakes will be using Express Check-In for the 2024-25 school year! All parents/ guardians will need to log into Express Check-In to complete the new school year enrollment process.

Important Information:

  • Express Check-In will open  after Monday, July 15. 

  • Your student will still attend school prior to Express Check-In - D.C. Oakes will be working with the District to open Express Check-In prior to the first day of school in the future.

  • Students returning to DCOHS, or transferring from a different school in Douglas County, will need to enroll via Express Check-In. Sign-in credentials are the same as Infinite Campus. If you do not know your username or password, please click here.

  • Students transferring from outside Douglas County (homeschool, out of district, out of state) will need to fill out paper enrollment forms, found here.

  • Important: Express Check-In is only used for Quarter 1 (July) Enrollments. If your student is enrolling after the July term, please refer to the information in your enrollment email.


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Express Check-In: Frequently Asked Questions