Our Philosophy

Our Vision:
Daniel C. Oakes High School strives to rekindle a student's desire and passion to learn by providing a safe, flexible, and supportive community where students are seen as individuals.

Our Mission:
We create a community where we thrive to become better by doing our best work, being a decent human being, valuing relationships with other people, offering outdoor education experiences, and leaving as a better person than we were when we started.


At Daniel C. Oakes High School, we continue to meet the needs of over 120 students each quarter who are looking for an alternative path toward achieving a high school diploma. Founded during the 1986-87 school year, Daniel C. Oakes High School is a school dedicated to providing an instructional, community atmosphere with a focus on personalized instruction. We take pride knowing that we can rekindle a student's desire and passion to learn, and we are proud to serve the Douglas County School District with a comprehensive, alternative high school program.

Our instructional efforts are rooted in district and state standards, and driven by our Board of Education's Ends Statements. We have combined this solid foundation with a firm belief in educating the whole student via an experimental approach to the acquisition of knowledge, outdoor education opportunities, and an exposure to the arts. We have found that this combination maximizes each student's academic success and develops strong relationships among students and staff. It also provides our students the ability to think critically, apply academic skills to real life situations, and create conditions that bolster confidence and sense of self worth.