Application FAQ

We are no longer accepting applicants for the October 2023 quarter.
Please submit your application to be considered for the January 2024 quarter.

  1.  What age does my student need to be in order to attend D.C. Oakes?

    • 16 years old. Our school uses Leave of Absences (LOA) for students who need to take a break from school for personal, academic, or disciplinary reasons. This allows students to take time to consider their options while maintaining a line of enrollment with the school and earning some credit toward their diploma. The state requires that students be 16 years old in order to be placed on a LOA, and so the school requires that all students be 16 years old in order to attend.
  2. When are new students enrolled at the school?

    • Every quarter. D.C. Oakes operates on a year-round schedule, with 9-week quarters beginning in July, October, January, and April. We enroll new students every quarter, but never mid-quarter. There is a 3-week break between each quarter, and new students will be notified of their offer of enrollment prior to the break.
  3. What does it mean to be a "school of choice"?

    • Our students choose to be here. We are not a placement school, and students are not assigned to us for behavior, academic, or personal issues. One of the most important principles that contribute to the success of D.C. Oakes and its students is the fact that students and families choose D.C. Oakes. Whether a student has struggled with attendance, grades or poor choices, it is imperative that they believe D.C. Oakes will help them reconnect with a path towards future success and a high school diploma. Making smart personal choices, such as attending a new school, getting good grades, and showing up everyday, can be the foundation of a meaningful and well-lived life.
  4. What happens after we submit an application?

    • Schedule an interview and iReady math assessment. Once the application is received, a file will be made for your student, and the school will call your family  3 to 4 weeks prior to the end of the quarter to schedule a time to interview . After the interview concludes, your student is put on the waitlist. Near the end of the quarter, decisions are made as to which students will be offered enrollment. If your student is offered enrollment, they will need to schedule an iReady math assessment so they can be placed in the correct math class.
  5. What happens if my student has an IEP or 504?

    • It changes who will interview your student. If your student has a current IEP, then Jenifer Nerwin will receive your student's application and reach out to schedule an interview. If your student has a current 504, then Nicole Amidon will join the interview. Parents/guardians will be required to attend the interview.
  6. How does the waitlist work?

    • The waiting list is not first-come, first-served. Once the application is received, your student is placed on our waiting list. The registrar will reach out for more information and/or school documentation, and schedule an interview. Although the waitlist is not considered first-come, first-served, we do expect prompt response in obtaining required paperwork. If a student delays in retrieving missing portions of their application (copy of IEP, 504, etc), then the interview calendar may be booked up by the time their application is complete.