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Daniel C. Oakes High School is an alternative option and school of choice for students to earn their High School Diploma. Our school offers smaller class sizes, personal connection with peers and staff, and we pride ourselves on a sense of community and family.

Students are not assigned to attend our school, rather, they choose to apply and interview, and our Principal offers enrollment to students they feel would find success at Daniel C. Oakes. The school enrolls new students from our applicant pool each quarter (July, October, January, April). 

If you, or your student, has struggled with education in a traditional high school setting, please consider calling the school for more information, or applying online.

Daniel C. Oakes High School 

Principal: Brian Singleton

Dean:  Amanda Schmidt  

Admin. Assistant: Yuki Blanc

Registrar: Miriam Caballero

Counselors: Laura Matyszewski & Lori Peeples

Psychologist: Nicole Amidon



Dear Oakes Families,


Please mark your calendars for the following days.


  • July 15 at 4:00 pm / Mandatory New Student Orientation
  • July 16/ 1st Quarter begins


The following will be our schedule for the first day:

  • 7:30 am / New Student Only  
  • 8:00 am/ Returning Students
  • 11:45 am/  Early Release 
  • Express Check-In will open  after Monday, July 15. 

Upcoming Events

No events available.


Need to order transcripts? Please click HERE to visit Student Data and Information Services, or call 720-433-0095.

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